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E-commerce Trends To Watch For In 2019


We have witnessed significant growth in the eCommerce industry over the recent years. Now merchants are moving forward to utilize the modern technologies to bring more diversity to their businesses. In the realm of tough competition among multiple eCommerce platforms, staying ahead among others require keen knowledge of the new trends that are evolving in the industry. An initial implementer surely will have leverage among others in the form of leads.

Let’s take a look at top emerging eCommerce trends for 2019 that will prove to be effective for your eCommerce business.

Voice Search

Search through voice is getting popular these days and digital voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana have already made their mark. Now many people prefer to explore the web through their voice signals.

According to research conducted by tractica.com there will be 1.8 billion active users of VDA’s by the year 2021.

Taking the stats in consideration, merchants need to optimize their eCommerce platforms for voice searches. It is ideal to play smart and capture the fast-growing market through the implementation of voice technology.

Content marketing

Content marketing is not a new phenomenon for marketers to boost their businesses. It is essential for enterprises to attract a huge number of audiences through quality content.  A well-written content on the trending topics can have a huge impact on any business.

It is not only a major source to build solid relationships with audiences but is it is quite significant for making conversions. In 2019, content marketing strategies are seemed to be portraying the brand messages across multiple forums as well on social media platforms, it will continue to aware people on different topics.

Omni Channel marketing

Omnichannel marketing approach allows a seamless experience for the buyers regardless of the channel they are approaching the store. Customers are now getting connected with the brands through multiple channels. Most of them choose to use a mobile app to access your eCommerce store and many go ahead through official website and social media platforms. Providing a consistent and integrated experience for the customers that search for the products on your online store is the main essence of Omnichannel marketing.

Machine Learning

Machine learning techniques help businesses to grow in a more advanced way. The smart automated systems help to recognize the user’s shopping behaviors and vendors can take advantage of the acquired data to implement their marketing strategies. These AI-based systems read the complex patterns and generate the beneficial data that help enterprises to customize the customer’s experience. These results assist in decision making to conduct marketing campaigns and help to hit the customers with the right techniques.

In 2019, eCommerce vendors will be more focused to utilizing these AI-based techniques to capture more attention and get more exposure among potential customers.

Personalized Packaging

Adding personalized touches to the delivery packages serve as a great marketing tool to grab attention of huge audiences. The eCommerce stores are now delivering purchased goods according to their customer preferences. Many online stores have provided an opportunity to choose among various design styles for the packaging while others track the customers purchase history, his/her shopping behavior, his/her search queries and demographics to embellish the packaging accordingly. Many stores are utilizing the traditional means of sending purchased products on the customer’s doorsteps; they are missing a lucrative opportunity that can certainly raise their conversion rates.

Another highly effective marketing strategy being utilized by smart merchants is to sell their products in bundles and offer discounts on these bundles. WooCommerce Product Bundles is a well-coded plugin that provides a convenient way to put together multiple products in a form of an elegant package or bundle. Then you can announce flexible discounts and offers on each package at your leisure.


The latest technology has revolutionized the way of dealing with the customers. One of the examples is Chatbots. Chatbots allow communicating with the users without having a direct human interaction. Many eCommerce stores and social media platforms have already implemented these AI-based systems that are utilized to answer user queries and much more.

Chatbots own limited capabilities to deal with the complex customer queries, however, in 2019 there are chances to see Chatbots with a potential to handle those intricate questions in real time. Also, it is expected that people will get more habituated with these technologies and feel comfortable making communication with Chatbots.

Augmented reality and virtual reality

Many people are familiar with this technology through games, now it has further utilized in the apps to enhancing the user experience.

As the technologies are moving towards creating real-life scenarios and augmented reality is one solid example of these applications. Now, people can test run the products they are willing to buy from e-commerce stores in a virtual environment. It’s an incredible opportunity for vendors to generate trust for their products among users and to convert shoppers into buyers. This is evidently an unforeseen technology and businesses can make a huge difference utilizing this advanced tech. However, as people can examine the products as a real like 3D model but can physically touch the product that is a little irritating for most of the customers. In 2019, it is expected that there will be major advancements in this regard.

Final Words

As the year 2019 has approached, it is the time to make wise decisions to expand your eCommerce store. It is vital to create a user-friendly experience and build an integrated buying environment for the users. As new developments in technology bring many fortunes with itself. Businesses should take felicitous to take advantage of these opportunities to grow and stay ahead in a competitive environment.

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