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What is a logo? Just a small drawing or a few words that you put on your business stationery? It’s not a big deal, right?


And let me explain why…

A logo isn’t just a visual representation of your name or business that you stick on your signage and paperwork. It’s so much more. It portrays you as a person, enterprise or company. Your character, personality and values. Your ‘branding’ all starts with your logo.

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How Important is Branding?

Did you know that certain colours can evoke certain emotions? Well think about the popular logos you see regularly. The Golden Arches for example; gold is the colour of success. You see it and you know how happy you will be, eating one of their meals. The fond memories of visits with your parents or friends when you were a child. Another example to keep in mind is; purple. Purple portrays royalty, luxury and wealth. Blue can be calming, traditional, reliable.

Pink is a sign of hope, positivity, warmth and comfort.

All these emotions are important in making your brand stand out from the crowd.

Your brand should be eye catching and memorable. If someone were to see it on a bill board they should instantly think you and the qualities that make you a cut above the competition. Your logo is the first thing a potential customer or client sees, it should be memorable. Your logo should reflect your personality, high standards and ethos.

The colours and aesthetics in your logo will follow through to your advertising, stationery and website. This is called your branding.

To find your perfect branding, we will ask you a number of questions: What does your business do? Who is your target client or customer? What values does your business stand for? What colours do you like?

We won’t confuse you with industry jargon. We will explain why our designs will work perfectly for you. It’s true that there are apps and websites where you could easily knock up a quick, cheap logo. But you stand for quality, and so do we. We take into account your individual personality and values. That’s why you need us, we’ll help you stand out from the crowd.

If you need branding, get in touch! We’re here to start you on your new, bespoke branding journey.


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Once you’re happy, and the planning is complete, we’re ready to start your project.