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types of socia media algorithms

A Guide To Social Media Algorithms & How They Work

Why do so many marketers keep asking, “How do social media algorithms work?” Because the algorithms for the major platforms can change quickly. But, marketers should also keep asking, “Which social media platforms have the most users?” Because that data can change frequently, as well. So, here are the latest answers to the first question about the algorithms for the eight platforms that you should be considering today. Spoiler alert: This update contains some surprising shifts in the latest data...

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wordpress posts vs pages differences

WordPress pages or posts: Which should you use?

Since its launch in May 2003, WordPress has become the most-used website platform globally. The WordPress platform powers almost 37% of the top 1 million trafficked websites, according to BuiltWith data. Given the low cost (you really only pay for hosting), ease of installation and use and flexibility, WordPress is ready for websites of all sizes, from personal blogs to enterprise businesses. I’ve worked on many WordPress websites, and one of the most common questions I still get is about pages...

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On Page SEO Factors

12 Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need To Know

Search engines send out crawlers, or spiders, to explore the internet. They follow links from one site to another, building a map of the content called a search index. In the process of exploring sites, these crawlers are also evaluating their content, determining what kind of information it contains. This data is then used by the search engine’s algorithm to determine how well the content of that specific site answers queries from users. The better it answers the query, the...

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5 web design tips

5 Web Design Tips You Can’t Ignore in 2022

Whichever type of business you run, having a clean, user-friendly website is critical. Your business site not only serves as the digital home base for your business and product line, but also anchors your entire digital marketing approach, giving a central hub to point toward and connect customers with your brand and business. Delivering a poor website experience can hinder those efforts and sever those connections before they even start. Here are five web design tips for turning your site...

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how to use keywords for seo

7 Ways To Tweak Your Content For Better SEO

Every marketer will tell you – creating high-quality content is no easy feat and getting page views, shares, and conversions is even harder. But useful, engaging, and easy-to-find content is critical to successful digital strategies – so where do we start?

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2022 website improvements

Essential Tips for Improving Your Website in 2022

In a world where the Internet is where customers first encounter your business, it’s vital that your website is up to date and prepared to offer the best user experience possible. If not, you’ll lose potential customers before you even realize they visited your website.

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seo 1 2

Where To Invest In SEO For Maximum Impact

Every business in the 21st century needs a website. And because you need a website, you need SEO to help customers find you. It’s the best and most cost-effective way to both understand and reach customers. The primary source of the traffic to most websites, it helps build your credibility and gives you a clear understanding of what your customers are searching for. Good SEO means better traffic from more qualified leads, increased engagement, and more conversions.

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Effective for Local SEO 3

A Guide To On & Off Page Local SEO Content

When you think about improving your local SEO, do you think about content? Maybe not. I’ll admit, it’s not always the first thing that comes to my mind. But here’s the thing – content directly affects local SEO, and overlooking it is a huge mistake.

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Local SEO

What Is Local SEO & Why Local Search Matters

Local search is an integral part of any SEO strategy targeting customers in a specific region, city, or neighborhood. Simply put, local SEO is where you focus to improve your rankings and visibility in local search results such as Google’s Map Pack/Local Pack. Organic SEO is how you improve webpage rankings in organic search. How your website ranks in those organic results can positively influence your Local Pack rankings, as well.

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