Andrew Longhurst


21 Dec: Top eight SEO trends for 2020

As new businesses spring up each day, the competition for the reader’s attention heightens. Staying on top of the latest SEO trends will enable you to meet specific requirements that search engines use to rank websites.

Google makes hundreds of changes to its search algorithms every year. While most changes are minor, they could affect your search ranking. These are some of the SEO trends I expect to see in 2020.


02 Dec: Five Underrated SEO Trends To Know In 2020

Take a moment and Google “SEO trends.” You’ll see article after article, blog after blog, touting a “definitive” list of SEO trends. It’s a lot to sort through, but what you’ll soon realize is that all the expert takes boil down to the same fundamental idea: The only thing we can say for sure about the world of SEO is that it will continue to change.


04 Nov: Watch Your Local SEO Surge: How to Optimize Google My Business

Want to give your organic SEO traffic and visibility a boost?

Are you aware that the Internet has emerged as the primary platform consumers use to gather local business information? Moreover, local searchers know exactly what they are looking for and by overlooking local SEO, you are missing a powerful opportunity to convert traffic into qualified leads.


14 Oct: How to Do Local SEO During the Holidays

In this blog, I’m going to detail some common-sense local SEO tips that can really help you take full advantage of the marketing opportunities that are the holidays!
I call these tips “common sense” specifically because you don’t have to be a digital-marketing guru to figure them out, but nonetheless, you may not have considered them before.


11 Oct: How Search Engines Crawl & Index: Everything You Need to Know

Optimizing websites without first understanding how search engines function is akin to publishing your great novel without first learning how to write.

Certainly, a thousand monkeys at typewriters will eventually create something useful (at least this monkey likes to think he does from time to time), but it’s a lot easier if you know the core elements of a task beforehand.