Andrew Longhurst



Like many other industries, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) moves extremely fast. But where is the future of SEO going? What does an effective, organic strategy need to look like in the next few years?

While not too long ago, everybody was totally focused on keywords and backlinks (links from other websites), today we hear search and SEO more and more in the context of machine learning and artificial intelligence within a collection of hundreds of ranking factors. But there is much more!


28 Sep: How to Write Content for Each Stage of the Buyer Journey

Have you ever thought about how – and when – your target buyers are consuming your content?

When we are planning a content strategy, we invariably start thinking about the kind of content that our target personas will love reading.

What we do not notice is that subconsciously our content decisions are founded upon creating content for various stages of the buyer journey.


19 Sep: How to Add Keywords in Your Copy the Right Way

The algorithms of modern search engines don’t merely look at the words on the page.

Today’s search engines look for the meaning of the page beyond the simple keywords and keyword phrases.

But the simple fact is that in most cases if you don’t have a specific word on a web page, you probably won’t rank for that word in the search engine’s results.