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05 Jul: Top 10 questions to ask your web designer

Deciding you want a new website is just the first step. You now need to find a web designer who will give you the website you want at the best possible price. In this respect, having a website built can be a bit like sending your car for service or getting a boiler repaired (stay with us on this!). What we mean by this is, if it’s not an area you’re overly familiar with, how do you know you’re getting a good deal?


21 Jun: Custom-made bespoke website or online site builder?

Every business should have an online presence by now. Most people have the internet in the palm of their hands and will use this to search for companies, services and products. If you haven’t got a website, then it’s realistic to assume that you’re not looking for new customers. If you think you can rely on a telephone directory or a newspaper advert – think again!