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How SEO can get you at the top spot on Google?


It is important for every business owner, web development company, and the marketing team working along to develop a functional, highly optimized and productive business website. And even more important is that it ranks at number one on Google! Why is that so? Wouldn’t you feel okay to work with a website present at page two or three of Google’s search engine?

Well, you must be thinking how I can even say this, and respectfully your concern is justified!

In this century, where the online business and websites are going viral and there is no time to stop and let your competitors win, a website ranking on page two ultimately means the death of your business’s online presence. A study conducted by In front Webworks suggests that 95% of the web traffic lands on the first page of Google. The rest of the pages get the five or less percent of the traffic. Thus, no matter what, you have to work in order to stay at the top spot on Google and SEO is a big help in such situations.

Here is how search engine optimization helps you get the top spot that you deserve:

1. SEO keeps the website structure exquisite

No matter what you do, make sure that your website’s structure stays competitive and is easy to find by Google’s crawlers. By following the latest SEO techniques, you can design an exquisite website structure and enjoy the top ranking at Google’s first page. The sole idea is to make the website readable by Google bots or other website crawlers. They then index the pages and show the result on the top pages.

To do so, you need to focus on the hierarchy of the website. This means you need to see which information is going to go where and how you’ll manage the navigation of the website. Also, structuring the URL with the incorporation of a relevant keyword falls under this SEO practice as well. The search engine optimization also suggests you invest time and effort in building internal links. Through these links, the search engine decides which page should get more importance and which shouldn’t. All these things then help to rank the website at Google pages.

2. It helps you integrate the right keywords in the content

With SEO at hand, you’re always running on the path to impress Google and other search engines ensuring a top spot on their search result pages. A part of SEO is to use the rich, relevant keywords in the content and URL site address.

What happens when you use the right keywords? Using the right keywords attracts the crawlers and puts your website content at the top for answers. Go for the words which are used in regular communication. First, target the easier keywords and improve your ranking for them, and then shoot for the trickier ones. For this, you can use different keywords tools as well.

Also, now you need to target for the voice search as well. The statistic has it that the routine language is most commonly used in the voice search and so you should have questions and answers embedded in your content in the same words.

3. Building links continuously help

The third way in which SEO helps in getting a top spot on Google is by building links. It refers to the process of acquiring a hyperlink (navigating between the web pages of your own site or between different websites). This is done to achieve two goals. One is to find out new web pages and the other is to improve the ranking of the website. The links that you add are used to crawl the web.

The benefits of adding links to your website go way beyond simply ranking your business at the top. It helps in building a relationship with the other business companies and sponsors. You can link your web pages to other useful and informative blogs on your web for your customers and help them in their search. This helps in building the brand that you are working on. And, not to forget, the use of internal linking as an SEO technique is a solid way to get increased traffic from the highly-visited websites.

4. Premium class content is added

When we come to discuss the top three search ranking factors, it is easy to list ‘content’, ‘linking’ and ‘RankBrain’ as the three main options. The content of a website matters a lot in ranking it at the top on Google. According to the content marketing institute, 88% of B2B companies use content as a resourceful tool for marketing and so you need to make sure your business website has high-quality content to help you market and rank better on the search engine.

The quality content includes informational pieces of blogs, newsletters, infographics, webinars, and videos. The potential customers are attracted by the use of visual, written, and video content. According to Cisco, by 2021 videos will represent around 80% of the online traffic. This means you need to invest in new styles of content and produce yielding pieces. A website that answers the questions of the populace is considered best by the search engine and so is ranked at the top.

5. By ensuring the mobile-friendliness of the website

Another thing that Google looks for while ranking the website is the mobile friendliness and mobile-indexing of the website. If the website that you have built is, desktop and mobile responsive, then kudos to you! You have successfully built a website that will rank at the top spot on Google!

The Google algorithms and the use of mobile and other smart devices are changing over time. People now search using their smartphones more than using the desktop and so it is important that your websites offer the same quality of navigation, user experience, content and facilities on the mobile version of your website to rank better in the search engine.

In the end

The one and only surefire way to rely on, to gain the top spot on Google is the optimization of the search engine. Once you get to learn about SEO, understand it, and follow the rules and techniques that help enhance SEO of the websites, you learn what a major role all these efforts play in ranking the website on the first page of the search engine.

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