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What Are Google AMP Stories


Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a Google initiative which will be a solution to the most challenging problem of mobile web-speed. Slowness is not only a UX issue but also minimizes the rates of conversion and tampers with accessibility through excluding the users with the slower internet connections. AMP was launched with a focus of allowing publishers to come up with mobile-optimized content once, as well as make it load spontaneously.

After its launch, a lot of publishers like The Economist, BBC, the Financial Times and The Guardian have utilized this initiative. Therefore, AMP can be used by anyone who desires to remain competitive on the mobile web.

The function of AMP stories

The Google AMP stories specs permit the publishers to come up with content which is the same as the Instagram stories, made with consideration to the mobile websites. However, the content made with AMP is not added to the app but it is rather placed in Google’s results pages directly.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is open-source and was created to meet the demands of mobile users, considering the amount of time that they spend on mobile devices, namely apps rather than websites. Rather than normal search engines results, users get the swipeable story which offers easy navigation. Besides their faster loading time, AMP stories will be beneficial to other businesses, where companies will be able to share stories for their business like the new publishers are doing with news articles

How does AMP work?

Currently, JavaScript is being used on web pages to adapt any part of it. However, it slows the pages’ rendering and loading time. And because the speed of the page is crucial, this is something you should try to bypass

However, currently, the AMP only permits an asynchronous process to operate on the pages, implying that JavaScript code will not block any code that is on the site. Additionally, AMP stories have to contain the custom elements only meaning that JavaScript is not allowed on these stories.

Custom elements may feature JavaScript at its core, nonetheless, they have to be specifically made to ensure they do not cause restrictions or errors on the pages’ performance.

AMP forbids any type of extension which might block the rendering of the page, however, it might be used in Instagram embeds, light boxes or tweets. Due to this, users are able to swipe through the AMP pages content which is mobile-optimized,  without having any distractions.

Why you should use the AMP stories

Storytelling is influential

Everyone likes a great story. About 100,500 words on the web are used by the normal American Citizen in a day, whereas 92% of the consumers would like to see and interpret ads that are portrayed like stories.
Additionally, there is evidence that individuals would rather interpret any news or other information through AMP stories rather than other conventional options. This is due to the fact that it has quicker loading times which makes it simpler to grasp additional content even for an extended period of time.

Nonetheless, AMP allows you to express your stories through a strong, unique and fast way. When a story is told properly, you reach the audience effectively. Address the reader’s requirements, give tp every story an interesting and meaningful arc without forgetting to add all the hard information required to sell your point.

The importance of  Page speed

Of course, for your audience, the speed of the site is very important. The pages which consume longer loading times kill the conversions. Fortunately, the AMP pages are loaded twice faster than the regular pages. Users can receive your content much quicker than before and decide purchase your products or services.

Make sure to apply creative design

If you do not know already, the design is vital. The AMP pages will allow you to add the creative elements which make your content top-notch. Be brave and add forms, videos, buttons, images, links or shopping alternatives to the AMP stories. However, if you do not have in-house expertise in this regard, then you can use a specialized simple tool to create AMP Stories such as Ztorie, which will help you towards creating the best stories for your site. That said, the site will appear more functional and sleek, offering you a lot of search result page opportunities to lure but also attract and engage the attention of your viewers.

AMP can extensively benefit SEO

AMPs can give the site a big boost in visibility. Currently, the pages that are equipped with AMP will not boost the site’s domain authority or page authority. Through this, it gives the page an opportunity of being featured in an AMP carousel which appears at the top of Google’s traditional search results meaning that it will be shown on position zero.

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